Thursday, July 21, 2016

Internship Opportunity at the Arava Institute

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is now accepting applications for the spring 2017 semester!

Students at the Arava Institute explore a range of environmental issues from an exceptional transboundary and interdisciplinary perspective. No other program in the Middle East convenes students from such varied political, cultural, and religious backgrounds to live, study, and learn from one another.

Click here to access the application
 for the Arava Institute academic program or research internship.

The spring 2016 semester was a busy one at the Arava Institute, as we:
·  welcomed 40 new members of the Arava community and sent them into the world as the next generation of environmental leaders
·  hired a new Academic Director, Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed, who most recently served as Deputy Chief Scientist in the Israeli Ministry of Science, and as such was the highest-ranking Palestinian serving in the Israeli government
·  were honored to be named a finalist for the Billion Acts Hero Award, offered by One Billion Acts of Peace, a UN-supported organization led by 13 Nobel Peace Prize winners

If you are affiliated with one of the more than 230 schools from which the Arava Institute has welcomed U.S. students or one of the 19 universities at which we are an approved program, we hope you will consider a semester at the Arava Institute as an integral part of your education.

Questions? Email Ari Massefski at or call 617-860-7718.

Laura Shulton
Admissions Coordinator

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