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Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (MSEC) Internship Opportunity

The Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (MSEC) is a dynamic international internship program where undergraduate students live, engage and work directly
with impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Nicaragua creating sustainable impact in the field while gaining the perspectives,
skills and knowledge to become the social entrepreneurs of the future. 
  • Social Entrepreneurship Internships Abroad
  • Summer 2015 sites include:  Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Nicaragua
  • Earn 9 academic credits
  • MSEC scholarships available!
  • Application deadline:   March 1st
The Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (MSEC) is a structured social impact immersion program where undergraduate students engage, work and live directly with impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Nicaragua promoting sustainable entrepreneurial solutions to development challenges. Maryland students spend eight weeks during the summer working alongside experienced development professionals in the field as they support local social entrepreneurs in advancing existing projects and programs that benefit local communities and creating first-time access to affordable life-changing technologies.

SPRING: On-campus pre-departure course on theory and practice of social entrepreneurship
  • BMGT 398E: Individual Study in Business and Management – Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps I (2 credits, March 23rd – May 8th, Wednesdays 5 - 8:35 pm)

SUMMER: In-country program and fieldwork in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador or Nicaragua (eight weeks)
  • BMGT 398: Individual Study – Social Entrepreneurship Internship (3 credits)
  • One of the following:
    • EDCP 386: Experiential Learning (3 credits) – juniors and seniors
    • BSOS 288M: Special Topics in Behavioral and Social Sciences (3 credits) – freshman and sophomores
FALL: Post-program symposium
  • BMGT 499G: Advanced Business Topics – Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps II (1 credit)

  • Acquire substantive experience in on-site rural development work with some of the most innovative professionals working in the field
  • Learn how to leverage your business (or other) education to create social impact
  • Become knowledgeable about creating successful social entrepreneurship models, implementation strategies and tactics in addressing issues related to global poverty
  • Learn and practice effective methods for training, mentoring and supporting local entrepreneurs
  • Develop or improve Spanish communication skills through homestays with local families and personalized Spanish tutoring
  • Gain hands-on consulting experience with real businesses
  • Hone your ability to translate knowledge and ideas into ACTION
For more information, please visit You may also visit the Education Abroad Office at 3122 Susquehanna Hall or contact them through email at or by phone at (301) 314-7746.

Women's Foreign Policy Group DC Mentoring Fair

Women’s Foreign Policy Group MENTORING FAIR 2015 registration is now open. The program provides an opportunity to speak informally with senior-level international affairs experts about the skills required to break into the global job market and hear valuable advice and guidance regarding career planning and internships. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young professionals. Sectors include international development, NGOs, human rights, international law, international health, international business, diplomatic service, the UN, and communications. This year the event will be cosponsored by and held at George Washington University. Space is limited and advance registration is REQUIRED. Visit for additional information and registration. The event will take place Wednesday, February 4th from 6-9 p.m. at George Washington University.
Please note that students are required to register for this event. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 202 429 2692 or email us at

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) Research Assistant Position

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) is now hiring a full-time Hourly Research Assistant to work at START’s headquarters at the University of Maryland, College Park. This is an hourly position of up to 40 hours per week, with an initial term of 16 weeks, starting February 9, 2015 (or earlier).
The Education and Training team at START is working hard to transition the cutting edge research of the consortium into training and educational modules that make our research findings more accessible to the practitioner and policy making community. Now that initial development phases are mostly complete, we need help managing and tracking progress in the creation of these new programs. Responsibilities would include:
  • Understanding structure and requirements of multiple training programs in development concurrently (you do not need to be an expert or have experience in any of these topical areas, although it would be helpful):
    • Cyber Security
    • Countering Violent Extremism
    • Unconventional Weapons and Technologies
    • Research Methods
    • Others TBD
  • Tracking progress on training materials for each program (video lectures, ELMS space, power point slides, etc.)
  • Review and editing of training materials (simple video editing in Camtasia, proofreading materials, creating slides to accompany video lectures, etc.) You may work with an hourly employee who will assist in the editing of videos.
    Responsibilities are also not limited to the above as the requirements for education and training assistance are likely to vary over the next few months. You would need to be open to helping with any administrative requests including but not limited to: working with student researchers, helping in the development process of federal grants, budget management, education benchmark tracking, and data collection.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Desire and ability to work individually and in a small team setting with minimal supervision
  • Interest in training and curriculum materials development
  • Ability to manage projects and task others
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines
  • Familiarity with Camtasia software and/or film editing experience.
  • Program management experience
    This position is for up to 40 hours per week, and the salary is between $15 and $18 per hour, commensurate with experience. The person selected for this position will work on site at START headquarters and will work with the Education and Training team at START.
Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter and resume, (with subject title “Education HRA”) to Jackie DeVore ( by February 3, 2015 for best consideration. Applicants should also provide contact information for one academic and one professional reference. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Maryland Summer Scholars Program

Francis DuVinage, Director – Elizabeth Mackenzie Tobey, Coordinator –
The Maryland Summer Scholars Program (MSS) provides an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to spend the summer working closely with faculty mentors on ambitious research or artistic projects. Maryland Summer Scholars research may take place in College Park or anywhere in the US or abroad as required by the nature of the project.  For the summer of 2015, the program will provide awards of $3,000 to approximately 30 outstanding, competitively selected applicants. [Please note: if your proposed research requires travel outside of the College Park area, you may apply for a supplementary travel award of up to $1,000.]
Students who carry out Maryland Summer Scholars projects gain a competitive edge when applying for graduate study, fellowships, employment and other competitive opportunities. Many Summer Scholars turn their research into an independent study or honors thesis during their junior or senior year.
Who can apply: You are eligible to apply if you will have completed at least two full semesters (and 30 credits) by the end of Spring semester 2015, if you have a GPA of at least 3.4 at the time of application, and if you will be enrolled at the University of Maryland, College Park, in Fall 2015. All academic majors are eligible.
Application Deadline: The deadline to apply for summer 2015 awards will be midnight on Sunday, February 8, 2015. It is important that candidates begin developing their proposals as soon as possible.
If you have questions, contact the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research at
Detailed information about the MSS program, and instructions on completing applications can be found on the MCUR website at:
The Maryland Summer Scholars Program has been sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the UMD Division of Research, UMD Schools and Colleges, and the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research. 

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) is looking for interns

We are looking for interns with a wide array of skills and majors  (including but not limited to: Criminology, Communications, Government, International Relations, Public Policy, History, GIS, Geography, Economics, English,MathematicsPsychology, Languages and Statistics). Students from any institution may apply and we will consider current and recently graduated undergraduates and graduates as well. In addition to the experience gained during their internship, interns will also receive mentoring, training and are able to participate in a calendar of professional development activities. START is also willing to work with academic institutions to enable students to undertake our internships for credit. Our internships are unpaid and students must be able to undertake their work hours at START at the University of Maryland College Park, unless stated in the internship description.
Below is a short summary of the opportunities available. Please visit our website for more information and to access the application form
Global Terrorism Database (GTD)
The GTD is an open source, unclassified database including information on terrorist attacks around the world since 1970 (currently updated through 2013). The database is maintained by researchers at START. The GTD includes systematic data on domestic as well as international terrorist incidents that have occurred during this time period and now includes over113,000 cases. The GTD intern team is organized into the following themes:
  • GTD: Incident Location and Geographic Identification
  • GTD: Perpetrator Identification
  • GTD: Target Classification
  • GTD: Understanding the Patterns and Use of Weapons and Tactics
  • GTD: The Consequences of Terrorism – Casualties and Outcome
  • GTD: Coding Intern At Large (Generalist)

Unconventional Weapons and Technology
The Unconventional Weapons and Technology Division consists of a number of intensive, shorter-term research projects concentrated on research topics within the larger study of terrorism and politically violent non-state actors:
Intern positions are available in the following focus areas:
  • Unconventional Weapons Internship
  • Advanced Research
  • Organized Crime
  • Behavioral Indicators of Insider Threats
  • CBRN Terrorism Incident Research
  • Individual Radicalization of Bioscientist
  • Terrorist Ideology

Risk Communications and Community Resilience
Government, non-profits, and other organizations rely on public communication to deliver important messages to various audiences. Professional communicators today use social scientific research to improve this process, and START’s research teams have several current and upcoming communication projects that address current research questions. Risk communication is important for delivering messages about impending storms, terrorist attacks, public health crises, and more. Interns working on this team will support several ongoing research projects as well as new projects.
START is continuing to develop the Terrorism Data Archive Dataverse. Interns for this project will learn about terrorism-related data through archiving datasets and reading over documentation. Interns will serve as Assistant Editors and would be responsible for preparing data for archiving onto the START Dataverse. Depending upon the dataset, there will also be opportunities to create Codebooks and add labels and values to the data. Interns will receive training in the archiving process.
Strategic Military Assessment Research and Transition (SMART) Projects
SMART projects focus on the relationships of violent non-state actors (terrorist, pirates, etc) and state authorities to analyze their patterns of interaction and strategies of violence.
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Analytical
Interns will contribute to the construction of a global, multimodal transportation network.  Tasks will include analysis and aggregation of large-scale datasets, database triangulation, manual vector editing, extensive open-source research into traditional and illicit transportation methods, digital cartography/mapmaking, and translation of START’s qualitative research into geospatial format.  Interest/experience in global security and/or terrorism is beneficial.
Naval Research Laboratory Adversarial Modeling and Exploitation Office
Two internships are available with AMX onsite at their offices in Washington DC. The AMX has a number of ongoing research projects related to counter-terrorism, behavior detection, law enforcement, crime analysis, and geospatial analysis. The use of information by law enforcement, often called data driven policing, is an ever evolving and expanding field.
  • Extended Visual Search
  • System Engineering Analysis & Support
  • Statistical Analysis & Modeling Support
  • GIS Analytical
START communications team is seeking interns to assist with START’s communication activities and products. Interns’, responsibilities will vary but may include: Writing and editing press releases and featured stories, planning and attending events, creating media kits, developing and tracking media lists and monitoring social media.
TEVUS Handbook and Simulation Internship
The Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States (TEVUS) Database integrates existing and new open-source data sets to facilitate more robust and sophisticated analyses of the behaviors, operations, and activities of violent extremists within the United States.
Understanding Domestic Radicalization
This internship is part of the Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) project, a three-year project which seeks to establish an empirical basis to investigate the underlying mechanisms and processes for individual radicalization in the United States. Previous intern teams researched information on radicalized individuals and entered it into a dataset; wrote case studies on radicalized individuals; performed quality-control checks on the dataset; performed structured qualitative analysis; and assisted project staff in conducting analysis on the quantitative data.
Developing Technology in Explosive Detection Dogs
Interns for this project will assist in developing deployment strategies with explosive detection dogs while utilizing new technology in the field.  Interns will be working closely with four K9 dogs and their handlers while training and being deployed for Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device Detection.  Interns must have a flexible schedule and ability to be around dogs.  Interns will be required to pass a brief background check.
START/State Department Terrorist Organizations Project Internship
Students will gather and analyze statistics on terrorist organizations over time. Projects will include collecting the number and type of attacks over time, looking at trends, and possibly even modeling group capacity out into the future. Interns will also provide assistance in researching open source information on the leadership of some groups for possible future designations.
Interns will be co-supervised by researchers at the University of Maryland and by project leads at the State Department. The State Department leads will set and give feedback on tasks. Interns will be based at START’s offices on the University of Maryland campus.
Government Actions in Terror Environments (GATE)
Recent research suggests that governments have a vast set of policy tools at their disposal vis-à-vis terrorist groups, and that pure reliance on repressive policies can be counterproductive. While policymakers increasingly recognize the importance of non-military counterterrorism tools in addition to military ones, it is not yet known which type of government actions are effective; and when carrots might be more effective than sticks in defeating terrorist groups. This is a unique opportunity to better understand the terrorist conflict in the US and across specific regions of the world and to get a unique view of how governments deal with those conflicts.
Terrorism Propaganda Analysis
The nature of the project is analysis of several hundred transcripts of terrorist propaganda videos produced by Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda affiliate groups. One aspect of the project will be somewhat descriptive in that we hope to learn: 1) what the message of the video transcript is (e.g. to defend the prophet, to prevent future grievances, to promote jihad, etc.) as well as 2) how the message is conveyed including the type of persuasive attempt used (rational vs. emotional) and 3) who the target audience is. The coding manual taps into each of these contents. The next step of the project, which will occur after all of the transcripts are coded, will examine 4) if the target audience, the message, or the frequency of these tapes have a discernible pattern, and 5) if these patterns change over time. The final aspect of this project includes analyzing the rhetoric and persuasion techniques used in the transcripts and testing the same messages, both in the US and abroad.
Why choose an internship at START?
  • Experience working with a large team of dynamic and experienced researchers.
  • Exposure to cutting edge theories and methods.
  • Deepen your understanding of current issues in terrorism and homeland security.
  • Work on projects of immediate interest to the practitioner and policy community.
  • Hone and develop a range of transferable skills attractive to future employers.
  • Opportunity to work with and meet other students and researchers with similar interests.
  • Enrichment activities offering wide opportunities for learning and personal growth, schedule includes simulations, career presentations and research talks.
  • Mentorship from START staff and researchers in a successful professional environment.
  • Internships can be undertaken for academic credit (depending on approval from your institution and department).
General requirements
Applicants for all internships must:
  • Have a good academic record.
  • Demonstrate an interest in the subject matter.
  • Be able to complete their internship work hours on site at START.
  • Agree to attend orientation and training.
  • Submit an application by the deadline, all application packets must include:

Each project may have additional requirements, including minimum credit hours, preferred majors and compulsory meeting times.  For specific requirements and information visit:
How to apply
Application deadline Summer 2015:
Priority Date: midnight Sunday March 22nd (Please note this will be the final deadline for some projects, as noted on our website. All international students must apply by the priority deadline in order to help ensure that appropriate paperwork is completed in time for start of the program.)
Final Deadline: midnight Sunday April 5th   
Applicants should visit for access to the application system and instructions.
For more information about the projects, requirements and for the application form visit:

Maryland Student Researchers Program

Francis DuVinage, Director – Elizabeth MacKenzie Tobey, Coordinator – -
Learn more about the Maryland Student Researchers program, and review over 140 availableopportunities by visiting our website at:
The Maryland Student Researchers (MSR) program serves as a University wide online bulletin board where UMD researchers post research opportunities for undergraduate students. It is a great way for undergraduates to learn about the rewards and challenges of academic research. Over 140 projects are listed with more being added daily so check back regularly over the next several weeks.
The MSR bulletin board is designed to help undergraduates find research opportunities that are a good fit for their interests and qualifications, and to help faculty members find students to assist with their research project(s).  The research opportunities posted on the MSR website typically call for students to spend around six hours a week working under the direction of a faculty mentor on that faculty member’s own research.  Participating students learn skills and gain valuable experience that will enhance their graduate school and job qualifications. Most positions are for volunteers, some are paid.
The Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research will hold numerous information sessions to assist students who want to use the MSR bulletin board to identify suitable research opportunities, and also to provide advice about additional ways to pursue research opportunities – space for each session is limited so please RSVP to with the date/time of the session you plan to attend:
Schedule for MSR Information Sessions, Spring Semester 2015:
Friday, January 30, 11:30 to Noon – 2100 D McKeldin Library
Tuesday, February 3, 11 to 11:30 a.m. – 2100 D McKeldin Library
Thursday, February 5, 9:30 to 10 a.m. – 2100 D McKeldin Library
Friday, February 6, 11 to 11:30 a.m. – 2100 D McKeldin Library
ELIGIBILITY: Any student in good academic standing may apply directly for any listed opportunities for which they have the listed required skills.  It is open to students of all majors and disciplines with an interest in research. Most positions are offered on a volunteer basis, and selection of undergraduate researchers is made solely by the faculty members who provide the listed opportunities.

Ashoka: Professional Development and Learning Opportunity-Extended Deadline

Ashoka’s Senior Search Task Force is looking for a team of 8 - 10 college seniors and graduate students who want to develop a critical professional skill of navigating a networked world and a unique framework to understand entrepreneurship. Interested applicants should be able to commit to one full day (8-10 hours) each week from Feb. 2 - March 27, 2015 at Ashoka’s global office in Arlington, VA.

As part of the Senior Search Task Force, the students will map the networks of entrepreneurial individuals and organizations and discuss their innovative ideas and impact. The student team will be divided into five different teams based on their regional interest (Latin America, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and North America).

Interested applicants should send a resume, a list of three regions of interest, and a response to the mapping exercise below (no more than one page) by Thursday, Jan. 29 to Nidhi Singh at

Finalists will be selected for a 20 - 30 minute conversation on Friday, Jan. 30.

Mapping Exercise:
Identify five people in the network of Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO of Ashoka, that you believe are the most entrepreneurial. Pick one of the five individuals and describe his/her innovation and impact.

About Ashoka
Thirty-five years ago, Ashoka changed the framework of the social sector, by introducing the idea that there is nothing more powerful than a bold, new idea in the hands of an exceptional entrepreneur. We have built a fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs– people who catalyze an irreversible pattern change through an innovative idea and encourage others to do the same. Our network of Fellows is now over 3000 innovators strong and spans 85 countries. In addition, the field and profession of Social Entrepreneurship has grown into a global force.

We’re setting out to change the frame again. We are living in a time of rapid change. We are moving from a world of silos and hierarchy to one of fluidity and many leaders. Only institutions that organize differently and individuals who develop different skills will be ready for the world that awaits them. Ashoka is leading a paradigm shift toward a world where everyone is a changemaker: one where society clearly sees a new paradigm and what is required to thrive in a time of accelerating change.

Interested applicants should send a resume and a list of three regions of interests by Thursday, Feb. 5 to Nidhi Singh at 

Omicron Delta Kappa is Accepting Application

Omicron Delta Kappa – one of the most prestigious national societies to recognize leadership – is now accepting applications for the Spring 2015 semester. Sigma Circle of ODK at College Park began in 1927 and, since then, has initiated over 3900 students, faculty, and honorary members.  ODK tapped Senator Joe Tydings in 1950 when he was playing varsity lacrosse and US Congressman Steny Hoyer in 1962 when he was SGA Vice President.  ODK has also initiated other proven leaders such as State Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, Jane and Jim Henson, and honorary members President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Pulitzer Prize winning author Dr. James MacGregor Burns, and Civil Rights Activist Julian Bond. The names of all of these outstanding leaders, along with many others, are engraved on the ODK Fountain on McKeldin Mall.  

ODK brings together junior, senior, and graduate students with our most outstanding faculty members, to recognize campus leaders and to encourage other students to achieve.  We seek accomplished leaders in five areas of campus community life.
  • Scholarship
  • Campus or community service, social, religious activities and campus government
  • Athletics
  • Journalism, speech, and the mass media
  • Creative and performing arts
Omicron Delta Kappa requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.38 for juniors (60-89 credits), 3.48 for seniors (90 credits), and 3.87 for graduate students to be considered for membership.  

ODK needs your help to identify talented and deserving leaders for consideration!  

Applications are available ON-LINE now! Students should visit to begin the application process.  Applications must be received electronically no later than 11:59 p.m., Friday, February 13, 2015.  

Summer Research Opportunities Program for Underrepresented Students

The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) is a gateway to graduate education at CIC universities. The goal of the program is to increase the number of underrepresented students who pursue graduate study and research careers. SROP helps prepare undergraduates for graduate study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors and enrichment activities. By participating in SROP, you will gain valuable research experience on a CIC campus and enhance your qualifications for admission to graduate school:
  • Study in your field of choice
  • All-expenses paid plus stipend
  • Housing and transportation included
  • Top faculty-mentored research experience
  • Enrichment workshops and opportunities
  • Participation in academic research conference
Get more information and complete program details on our website:
How to Apply
Watch the "Applying to CIC SROP" video to get started! The first step in completing the CIC SROP application is to gain an overall understanding of the application process and guidelines. It is highly suggested that you read the SROP Application Guide before initiating your application.  Deadline: February 10, 2015

Want to Teach English Abroad this Summer?

Learning Enterprises (LE) is a non-profit organization with the mission of expanding people’s horizons through conversation-based English language classes taught by American and international volunteers. There are opportunities in China, Thailand, Mongolia, Poland, Romania/Croatia, Hungary/Slovakia, Panama, Mauritius, Brazil, and Moldova. The biggest difference between Learning Enterprises and other service organizations is that we don’t charge our volunteers for volunteering abroad. 
Tuesday, February 3rd @ Art/Sociology Building - Room 3207 (Time: 7:00-8:00pm)

MEET & GREET with LE Alumni:
Wednesday, February 11th @ Stamp - Baltimore Room (Time: 5:30-8:00pm) - Stop by any time!
Please check the Facebook Page for any event updates:
ALL APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Sundar, February 15th
If you have any questions, please contact or visit our website

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Graduate School Application Support From Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers

Are you interested in Pursuing a Master's of PhD?   There is a summer program in Massachusetts that helps you prepare for Grad school applications, essays, GREs, everything you need to know! Learn about Graduate School Application Support from  IRT, Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers  (not just for teachers!!!!)
Students interested in graduate studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education are encouraged to attend.

Information Session: 

Tuesday, February 3rd

Benjamin Room 0306

Study Abroad Fair

Registration open for Undergraduate Research Day - April 29, 2015

Have you been involved in research as an undergraduate, either as an individual or as part of a team, at Maryland or beyond? Would you like the opportunity to present your work at Maryland¹s largest, most visible and diversified showcase for undergraduate research accomplishments?
Then present your research at the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research's annual Undergraduate Research Day on Wednesday, April 29, 2015!  

This year Undergraduate Research Day will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union, so your work will reach the widest possible audience.
The Undergraduate Research Day poster session will run from 1 to 4 pm on April 29 with set-up beginning at 12 noon. You can be present part or all of the time. All majors and fields of research ­ including creative and performing arts ­ are welcome!
Submitting a proposal is free and easy ­ you can find the form on the MCUR website at­ -  the deadline to submit your proposal is Wednesday, April 15 but we strongly encourage you to submit early. We look forward to learning about your work!
If you have questions, please contact us at

Study Abroad Award for Pell Grant Recipients - Student Panel Feb. 4, 2015

Are you thinking about studying abroad or interning abroad in SUMMER or FALL 2015 or ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-16? Are you a US CITIZEN receiving a PELL GRANT (a federal need-based educational grant)?
The GILMAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP provides up to $5000 for study abroad for students who receive Pell Grants.  In the past three years more than 100 Maryland students have won Gilman Scholarships!
To learn more about the Gilman Scholarship and the application process join us on for a panel session with returned UMD Gilman Scholars and staff from the National Scholarship Office and Education Abroad. Food will be served!
The panel will take place on Wednesday, February 4th at 5:00 pm, 3105 Susquehanna Hall. Please RSVP to If you cannot attend and wish to learn about separate information sessions, please contact us at the same address.
Eligibility Requirements: US Citizens - Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors - All Majors - Must be studying abroad for at least 4 weeks - Must have FAFSA demonstrated financial need and be receiving a Pell Grant.
Application Deadline: March 3, 2015 - this is the deadline to apply for scholarships for study abroad programs for summer 2015, fall 2015 and academic year 2015-16.

Spring Internship – Office of Congressman Dave Brat (VA-07)

The Washington, D.C. office of Congressman Dave Brat (VA-07) is currently seeking applicants for the Spring semester.  Internships are available to qualified college students or recent college graduates.  Virginia ties are a plus, but they are not required.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to assisting office staff with administrative tasks, flag requests, Capitol tours, legislative research, and attending hearings.  Strong candidates will possess an understanding of the legislative process, excellent written and oral communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
All interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to with “Internship” as the subject.  Phone calls and drop-ins will not be considered.

House of Representatives Internship Opportunities

Members of the House and related committees are announcing the availability of internships and calling all interested persons. There are a great variety of tasks available for the intern.

Smithsonian Institution Internships

 The Smithsonian Institution in conjunction with the National Science Foundation have created numerous internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Listed below are just a few of the them. Click on the internship title to be directed to more information.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2015

2015 Camp AmeriKids Summer Volunteer Opportunity

Camp AmeriKids, a summer camp for children living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease, is looking for caring, responsible, energetic and fun counselors for our 2015 season. A volunteer counselor team is responsible for the 24-hour supervision of a cabin and maintains a camper to counselor ratio of about 2 to 1. Counselors spend each day of the one week camp session with their cabin group as they rotate through a schedule of activities and participate in new and exciting workshops provided by the program staff. The cabin counselor's enthusiastic participation in all aspects of camp, from meals and activities to nightly special events and cabin chats, is crucial in creating a memorable camp experience for our campers. Counselors are expected to be role models, sources of energy and ideas, and are a key part of the Camp AmeriKids community. Room & board at our site in Warwick, NY is provided.  Volunteers can apply for one or both of the following sessions:
Session One: July 27th-August 3rd 
Session Two: August 8th-August 15th

Spring 2015 Go Government Webinar Series

The University Career Center & The President's Promise is hosting the Go Government webinar series.  We welcome faculty, staff and students! Webinars will take place in the 3100 Hornbake Library, South Wing.
Go Government: Federal Opportunities Beyond D.C., Tues, 2/10, 1-2 p.m. 
Contrary to popular belief, the public sector has more to offer than just office jobs! Working in a lab, doing field work, or traveling the country are all possibilities for federal employees. Hear from agency representatives about these exciting opportunities and how you can secure such a position. Click here to RSVP
Go Government: Keys to a Strong Federal Resume, Tues, 2/24, 1-2 p.m. 
Federal resumes differ from traditional resumes in many ways.  They can be anywhere from two to five pages and require information not normally found on a traditional resume. Join the Partnership staff and agency representatives as we walk you through how to build a strong federal resume and best highlight your experience.  Click here to RSVP.
Go Government: Interviews and Security Clearances: What to Expect, Tues, 3/3, 1-2 p.m. 
So you've applied for a federal job: now what? Join us as we discuss how to prepare for a federal interview and what to expect from the security clearance process.  Click here to RSVP.

Fields of Green Internship Fair

Who: You! And Potential Employers such as: Department of Environmental Protection, Student Conservation Association, Rock Creek Conservancy, Wildlife Habitat Council, Sol Vista, and more!
What: Bethesda Green's Sixth Annual Fields of Green Internship Fair 
Where: Bethesda Green office located at 4825 Cordell Avenue (second floor above the Capital One Bank, suite 200), Bethesda, MD
When: January 31, 2015 from 10:00am - 2:00pm
Why: This event is designed to help area college and grad students connect with local green jobs.  Over the past few years, Bethesda Green has connected students with hundreds of paid and unpaid internships and jobs in the environmental sector through the offering of a wide range of internship opportunities (field-based work, engineering, science, technology, advocacy, policy and education).
How: This event is easily accessed via metro train (Bethesda Station), bus, bicycle or driving. 
If you have any questions regarding the internship fair, please contact Sharon D'Emidio at

How to Find an Internship

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 12:00 p.m.-1:00pm
Location: 3100 Hornbake Library - Seminar Room of the University Career Center
Not sure where to start with your internship search? Or, do you feel like you are at a standstill and unsure about the next steps in your search?

To help you with your internship search, we will discuss:
  • Specific resources available to research internship opportunities in non-profit, government and corporate sectors.
  • Quick tips on making a positive first impression on resumes and during interviews
  • Strategies to connect with UMD alumni working within your intended career field