Academic Deadlines

Deadline to:
Fall 2017
Spring 2018
Add a course-undergraduates and graduates
September 11
Cancel Registration
August 25

Change from full-time to part-time (see Schedule Adjustment)

Change Credit Level Undergraduates
September 12

Change Credit Level Graduate Students
November 7

Apply for Graduation
September 11

Drop a course (undergraduates) without "W" (Withdrawal)
September 11
Drop a course (undergraduates) with "W" (Withdrawal; see Drop Policy)
November 6

Drop a course (grad students)
November 6

Drop a course with a refund, graduate students and part-time undergrads (see Schedule Adjustment)
Change Grading Option Undergraduates
September 11
Change Grading Option Graduate Students
November 6

Withdraw from all courses...
with 100% refund (cancel)
August 25

with 80% refund
September 11

with 60% refund
September 18
with 40% refund
September 25

with 20% refund
October 2

with 0% refund
December 11