Thursday, December 1, 2016

Law School Interviews

The Pre-Law Advising Office has scheduled some on-campus interviews with law schools for next week. The sign-up ends at 11pm tonight

1.  Interviews with law schools next week are as follows:
Monday - George Mason, Baltimore, Richmond
Tuesday - Fordham, George Mason, Baltimore
Thursday - American, George Washington, Maryland, William and Mary
Friday - George Washington, Maryland, Miami, Virginia

2.  These are intended for students intending to matriculate next fall.  

3.  You are welcome to sign up for as many as you like, but please only take a spot if you have some interest in the school.  

4.  These are 30 minute interviews, held in the Career Center.  In the past, they have been very helpful, both for the student and the schools.  They are business formal in attire.

5.  To register, follow this link:

You will have to sign in. The interviews are found under "Center Events" and "Student Programs."

Scroll down through the events and pick the date and time you would like to interview.  You'll be sent an email confirming your RSVP after you select your time.

6.  Please register no later than this Thursday, December 1st, by 11pm.  This will allow us to adjust schedules for next week, as needed.

7.  If there is a school you would like to meet, but there are no spots available, please let us know and we'll see what we can do about additional times.  

8.  Please share this with any of your friends.

9. For questions, please write to 

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