Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Position for Recent Graduates: Policy Associate at Frontier Group

Frontier Group is a non-profit, public interest think-tank that uses the power of ideas and information to achieve a cleaner environment and a fairer and more democratic society.

Frontier Group produces timely, high-quality research reports on the nation’s pressing challenges: environmental protection, sustainable energy, good government and more. They help shape effective public policy strategies that address those problems, and they work to make sure the public and decision-makers hear their message through the media.

As a policy associate, you will:
  • Write compelling reports on social problems and solutions, using a variety of methodologies including literature reviews and data analysis.
  • Help advocates in the field craft a message that will change minds, spur action and generate media attention.
  • Write op-eds, blog entries and journal articles that insert our findings into the public debate.
  • Participate in trainings, presentations and panels.
  • Learn the skills of canvassing and managing a fundraising operation, and run a canvass office for a partner organization during the summer months.
  • Learn recruiting skills and participate in recruiting new Frontier Group staff

Location: Denver, CO, Boston, MA, and Santa Barbara, CA
Apply Today! Go to http://workforprogress.org/apply/?pos=Policy+Associate&org=Frontier+Group&id=101 to submit a resume, cover letter with references, and writing sample. In your cover letter, please be sure to mention where you saw our job advertised and what location you are interested in.

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