Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Paid Research Assistant Position- Political Science

Description: A research assistant is needed on a part-time basis to help with data input and validation for a short-term (~50 hour) project. The project is about the connections between military organizations and commercial enterprises. The job entails sifting through primary and secondary sources as well as previously prepared materials for business entities that are military-run or military owned. The intern would help input the names of the entities with a short description of the entity’s purpose and founding dates, and validate previously found information before putting it into a spreadsheet.
Applicant must have the ability to hold regular hours during the week, preferably between 2-5 hours a week in my in Chincoteague.
Must have experience using Excel. Previous research experience a plus, along with a good attitude.
Pay: $10 an hour, including paid training
If interested, please email: dprina@umd.edu

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