Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CAPC Internship Applications

CAPC Internship Program Fall 2017
(GVPT 388W/GVPT386)
DescriptionThe Center for American Politics and Citizenship enables students to work in local, state, regional, and national political or policy institutions and receive college credit.  Students are expected to work 9 - 20 hours per week over the semester and attend a weekly seminar in order to complete the program. Students can earn a total of six or nine credits for the internship seminar.  The CAPC internship program is divided into two sections. The first is a seminar course (GVPT388W) and the second course is for purely elective credit (GVPT386*). GVPT388W is a course within the government major that shows students how to contextualize their internship experiences in a classroom setting. GVPT388W counts as 3 upper-level GVPT credits.GVPT386 is not a typical course. GVPT386 does not meet. Rather, it accounts for the hours worked at your internship. Students can receive 3 or 6 ELECTIVE credits depending on the amount of hours spent interning. •           9-17 hours/week: 3 elective credits•           18+ hours/week: 6 elective credits GVPT386 does NOT count towards any requirements for the major. The credits WILL help push you towards the 120 credits required for graduation and will count in your overall semester credit total.You now have permission to register for both courses. Please register for GVPT388W for 3 credits under the regular grading method. Please register for GVPT386 for 3 or 6 credits under the PASS/FAIL grading method. If you have any questions about the amount of GVPT386 credits you should register for, please contact Christian Hosam. *Students should register for GVPT386 if they have been accepted to the program for the first time. If it is for the second time, they should register for GVPT389. 

Program Requirements

CAPC requires the following prerequisites (see CAPC Coordinator to discuss potential overrides): 

CAPC Internship acceptance is highly competitive. Applications are evaluated on an individual basis and simply meeting the requirements does not guarantee admittance into the program. Please turn in your application if you are sure that you want to participate and you are still in the process of finding an internship. If this is the case, email CAPC Coordinator, Christian Hosam, at Securing an internship prior to applying to the program is not necessarily a prerequisite, although you do have to have an internship secured by the final deadline.

1.   Registration as a GVPT major2.   Junior or Senior status (60 credits or more)3.   An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

*GVPT students are eligible for a maximum of two experiential learning options. (Maryland Internship Program, Capitol Hill Internship Program, Public Policy Internship Program, Independent Study, Mock Trial, etc.) Please make sure that you will not exceed this limit when applying for the program. You may direct any questions regarding this policy to

Program Application

The following materials are required for the application electronically NO LATER than September 1st, 2017. This is to ensure that you have time to find another class if you are not admitted into the program
  1. Application Form (see next page)
  2. Cover Letter with name, major, class standing (JR or SR), UID, and contact information
  3. A current unofficial transcript
  4. Include the name and phone number of an academic or professional reference. This may be a current or former professor or supervisor.
  5. A copy of a one-page resume of your educational and employment background. Relevant courses and educational experiences should be emphasized.
  6. A short writing sample (roughly five pages) - Submit a copy of a paper that you are proud of. It does not have to be from a GVPT course.
 Submit application materials to Christian Hosam at using subject line: CAPC Spring 2017 Application – YOUR NAME 

Admittance to the Program

Students will be notified of their acceptance to the program via email. Students will be contacted by the seminar instructor prior to the beginning of their seminar course. Questions about the application and registration process should be directed to Christian Hosam at Go to for more info.


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