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3 Smithsonian Internship Opportunities

Below are 3 internships available at the Smithsonian. They are not a complete list of internships at SI, nor do the points below reflect other SI internships or qualifications. 
Points to mention:
-SI is ranked in Forbe’s top 10 places to intern for 2010 and 2011
-Deadline for applications is April 30th
-Internships are unpaid
-You do not receive formal credit from SI
-Resume, unofficial transcript, and one brief essay question required
-You do not have to be a current student
-A standard fingerprint/background check will be done prior to start date
-Summer: June 4 – August 10 (flexible)
Learn more about the many advantages of interning at SI:
1. Specify what position(s) you are interested in. (Labor and Employee Relations, Web Development, Human Capital Performance) You can apply for more than one, just answer question 2 for each.
2. Answer the essay question: What makes you a good candidate for this position? (200 words or less)
3. Email resume, unofficial transcript and essay response to by April 30th.
4. Include numbers of hours and specific days you would like work. Tell us how flexible you can be regarding your hours/days.

Position 1:

Smithsonian Institution (SI)
Office of Human Resources (OHR)
Workforce Planning and Performance (WPP)
Human Capital Performance Intern

This internship is located in the Workforce Planning and Performance (WPP) Branch of the Office of Human Resources (OHR), Smithsonian Institution (SI). The mission of the Branch is to develop and to advise SI leadership and employees on human resource policies and regulations; to maintain a human capital accountability system; and to provide training and to assist with leadership and employee development programs for SI employees.
Major Duties
The intern will assist the Workforce Planning and Performance Branch in its day-to-day operations, especially in the areas of performance tracking and data information.
In addition, this can include development opportunities in the following areas:
Employee Training and Development:
• Record and track training evaluations
• Enter training information into the Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
• Assist with classroom management
Human Capital Performance:
• Record and track employee engagement data.
• Prepare trend lines and prediction models
• Conduct program analysis and write findings reports
• Assist with New Employee Orientation and New Employee data gathering
• Participate in Outreach activities such as career fairs, networking events, and training sessions
Administrative Support:
• Assist with administrative and weekly Activities
Other duties may apply.

Position 2:

Smithsonian Institution (SI)
Office of Human Resources (OHR)
Labor & Employee Relations (LER)

This internship is located in the Labor & Employee Relations (LER) Branch of the Office of Human Resources (OHRM), Smithsonian Institution (SI). The LER Branch provides advice and guidance to management regarding employee conduct or performance issues and employee medical issues (specifically when these medical issues affect an employee’s performance and/or conduct). In addition, the LER Branch serves as the main liaison with the unions representing Smithsonian employees. The LER branch also represents the Smithsonian on appeals before certain third-party tribunals, including the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, and labor arbitrators.
Major Duties
The intern will assist the LER Branch in its day-to-day operations. This can include development opportunities in the following areas:

Administrative Support:
• Create and maintain a database for vacancy searches conducted pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1974
• Create and maintain a database for Labor/Management matters, including tracking issues raised for impact & implementation negotiation and day-to-day issues raised by the union
• Assist in transitioning to electronic filing of all submissions with the Merit Systems Protection Board
• Updating the Supervisor’s Compass
• Light filing

• Conduct and track management satisfaction surveys
• Conduct monthly analysis of LER programs and actions and prepare monthly metrics reports to convey findings

Assistance with Appeals before Merit Systems Protection Board:
• Assist in preparing and maintaining case files on employee appeals before the Merit Systems Protection Board
• Assist in preparing for hearings and attend hearings before the Merit Systems Protection Board.
Other duties may apply.

Positon 3:

 Smithsonian Institution (SI)
Office of Human Resources (OHR)
Office of the Director
Web Development

This internship is located in the Office of Human Resources, Office of the Director which works in conjunction with our units (National Air and Space, Natural History, etc.) to balance service and regulatory requirements with responsibility for the selection, advancement, retention, and separation of employees; the recognition of exemplary employee service; and the provision of benefits for all employees. Traditional functions administered include: benefits administration, classification and compensation, employee relations, training/employee development, and workers compensation.
Major Duties
The intern will assist the Office of the Director with developing the look and feel for OHR Web sites, and is responsible for site navigation design and visual execution.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Develop new Web applications as identified by supervisor and management through packaged and customized applications.
• Maintain and enhance existing Web applications
• Perform complete testing of Web applications system, engaging users as necessary
• Design and implement user-driven templates, databases and interfaces for ease of use
• Develop database-driven Web interfaces for rapid, real-time information sharing
• Develop external Web portals allowing users to input and retrieve accurate information
• Candidate must be a team player, willing to teach and to learn.
The Ideal Candidate will also Possess the Following Skills:
• Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines
• Able to promptly answer support related email, phone calls and other electronic communications
• Self motivated, detail-oriented and organized
• Experience with hardware and software issues
• Proficient in Internet related applications such as E-Mail clients, FTP clients and Web Browsers
• Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, organizational, and presentation skills
• Able to work well in a team/project based environment
Other duties may apply.

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