Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Interested in Studying Abroad in Haifa?

Having an international experience in college is critical. Getting career experience is essential; getting career experience abroad is extraordinary! Education Abroad’ s  Maryland-in-Haifa program is a way for UMD students to have an academic internship and study abroad in the same semester in Haifa, Israel. Haifa, Israel is a beacon of Arab and Jewish coexistence, Haifa is the perfect setting for this Maryland program focusing on conflict resolution and diversity in Israel. Whether your interest is in business, special education, politics, nonprofits, communication, biology, theatre, education, public health, or something completely different, this program has internship options for any student!  Maryland in Haifa is a study abroad program for undergraduate students during the Spring semester. This program allows students to participate in a for-credit internship while also taking courses toward graduation. Interested Students should come to the Education Abroad Office in 3122 Susquehanna Hall or visit our website! Students can also make an appointment to speak with the program advisor, Nicole McDermott (nmcd514@umd.edu).

The program is led by Resident Director Dr. Edy Kaufman, a leading scholar in Conflict Management and Resolution.  He has been on the faculty at Hebrew University since 1970, with visiting stints at many other institutions, and has been the Director of both the Truman Institute in Jerusalem and the University of Maryland Center for International Development and Conflict Management. Dr. Kaufman has led the Maryland-in-Haifa program since its inception in Spring of 2010.  Dr. Kaufman's work has focused on human rights and conflict resolution on several continents, especially Latin America and the Middle East. He has been instrumental in focusing the work of the Truman Institute on joint research projects with Palestinian academics, and has helped to introduce conflict resolution as a discipline to Israel and the Middle East in general. Dr. Kaufman serves as a mentor to students, assisting them in acclimating to their abroad experience as well as leading them throughout the semester. Dr. Kaufman will equip students will the necessary tools to navigate this unique experience in a city that is a beacon of Arab/Jewish coexistence in one of the most conflict ridden regions of the world.  All Maryland in Haifa students take a required 3-credit course with the Resident Director focused on the current cleavages in Israeli society during which each student analyzes an issue of his or her choice and explores the peace process efforts in search for common ground trough a research project.   Dr. Kaufman studied at Hebrew University, received his doctorate in International Relations at the Sorbonne, and did postgraduate work in the United States, where he has also taught frequently.

1)            Students spend spring semester  at the University of  Haifa: The only UMD administered semester abroad program in Israel.

2)            Students can choose up to 18 credits of Maryland Resident Credit courses in a variety of disciplines in BSOS. Most courses are credit in Government & Polities, Jewish Studies, and Israel Studies.

3)            Students can shape long term career opportunities with a large variety of hands on internships for 3 academic credits.

4)            Students are housed in modern dorms. Each student will have a single room with his/her own bathroom and panoramic view. Room are in a shared apartment with 4-6 foreign and/or Jewish and Arab Israeli students

5)            Haifa is Israel’s third largest city and is an exemplary model of coexistence and diversity. Haifa is a beacon of unfolding peace negotiations in which students have a unique vantage point.

6)            Haifa University is a state-of-the-art higher education institution located on top of Mount Carmel, facing Israel’s largest National Park. It is also close to the best Mediterranean beaches.

7)            Haifa University exhibits excellence in teaching Hebrew and Arabic and offers a large number of courses in English, including Honors programs in Psychology and Peace and Conflict Resolution

8)            Maryland in Haifa is a great value program for both in and out-of- state students. The program fee is $12,525 including tuition, fees, housing, field trips, international health insurance, on-site staff, advising, pre-departure and on-site orientations. Scholarships are also available.

9)            For alumni feedback, check with Carrie Hildebrandt (carrielhildebrandt@gmail.com)

10)          For details about on-site programming contact Resident Director Prof. Edward Edy Kaufman (Kaufmane@umd.edu) or Education Abroad’ s Maryland in Haifa Program Coordinator, Nicole McDermott (nmcd514@umd.edu).

Please see the link below for a wonderful video about the University of Haifa International School.


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