Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Georgetown University Master of Arts in American Government Program

The Georgetown University M.A. Program in American Government prepares its students for careers in public and private service and for future academic study under the guidance of faculty with extensive experience in government and academia.

The Program engages highly motivated and talented students in an accelerated curriculum requiring 30 hours of graduate credit and a career-related apprenticeship. Our career placements include:

The Executive Branch:

Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (Renewable Energy Trade Specialist)
Department of Homeland Security (Deputy Director, Budget and Planning Division)
Department of the Interior (Office of the Secretary)
Department of State (Digital Diplomacy)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Intelligence Analyst)
Food and Drug Administration (Congressional Liaison)
Office of Management and Budget (Policy Analyst)
Office of Personnel Management (Presidential Management Fellow)
U.S. Army, Forces Directorate (Budget Office)

The Congress:

U.S. House of Representatives (Office of Congressman Lloyd Doggett)
U.S. Senate (Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions)
Mike Enzi for Senate (Field Director)

The Public Interest:

American Red Cross (Senior Associate)
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (Research Assistant)
International Climate Change Partnership (Legislative Research Specialist)
Communications and Consultants
Blue State Digital (Account Manager)
Democratic National Committee (Communications)
NBC News (London Desk)
Synergy Enterprises (Educational and Health Care Consultant Manager)

For further information, please visit our website at http://government.georgetown.edu

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