Thursday, February 5, 2015

ACES II is Accepting Applications

The Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) is a four-year Honors College program focused on cybersecurity education. ACES II is an advanced upper-level program for juniors and seniors featuring a multidisciplinary approach which allows students to gain knowledge about many of the fields that intersect in cybersecurity. With an emphasis on hands-on experiences, students gain practical skills through coursework, seminars, group projects, internships and research, both on and off campus.

Students in ACES II have opportunities to engage in the ACES community, including options to serve as peer mentors, tutors, and advisors for ACES I students; to participate in educational and social events; and to serve as student leaders on the ACES Student Board. ACES II students will also have regular interactions with corporate and governmental leaders in cybersecurity, who will serve as mentors and professional contacts.

Admission to ACES II is competitive and includes consideration of academic achievement, extracurricular achievement, demonstrated interest in cybersecurity, and diversity of academic disciplines and student backgrounds.

Admission Timeline

  • March 1st: Applications due by 11:59pm
  • March 31st: Admission decisions released

Admission Consideration
Students must meet all of the following requirements at the time of application:
  • 30 university credits completed
  • Strong academic record (minimum GPA of 3.0)
  • At least 4 semesters remaining at the University of Maryland prior to graduation
While there are no pre-requisite courses, students with one or more of the following qualifications may be considered more competitive in the admission process:
  • Completion of the Honors College Citation in Cybersecurity (ACES I)
  • Completion of relevant coursework, including one or more of the following, with a grade of B or better:
    • Calculus I (MATH130, MATH140, MATH220)
    • Introductory Statistics (including STAT100, BMGT230, CCJS200, PSYC200, SOCY201, AP Statistics, etc.)
    • CMSC131 Object-Oriented Programming I
    • ENES100 Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Previous practical experience (internships and/or research) related to cybersecurity 
Application Components
Applicants will be required to submit materials including the online application form, short answer responses, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular resume.

For more information about this opportunity please contact program director 
Michel Cukier
Director at You may also find out more information at

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