Friday, October 14, 2016

Study With START This Winter

Are you looking to gain a marketable skill that many employers in the intelligence community and security field value in applicants? START’s Education Team would like to share with you the opportunity to take one of our online Winter 2017 courses.

There will be three one-credit courses, perfect anyone who wants to acquire a tangible skill over their winter break, when they may not have time otherwise during traditional semesters. These courses are: Geospatial Analysis of Terrorism, Criminal Behavioral Profiling, and Social Network Analysis of Terrorism. These courses are designed for students with little to no previous knowledge of the subject area, so all are welcome to enroll. Additionally, we offer a three-credit course called The Rise of ISIS, which takes an in-depth approach of analyzing the many complicated facets of ISIS.

All of the courses are solely online-based, so students can complete them from anywhere. Consider enrollment today if you are interested in security studies or want to gain skills relevant to a career in intelligence!

More information can be found in an attached flier about the courses or through Testudo.  Any questions can be directed

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