Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wikistrat LTD. Internship

Wikistrat is the world's first Massively Multiplayer Online Consultancy. Wikistrat is recruiting interns throughout the year for its regional and professional analytic desks. Interns undergo an unpaid internship program consisted of month-long training followed by three months of internship. Upon completion of the internship, qualified candidates will be invited to join Wikistrat in a Researcher rank. Interns play an active role within the Wikistrat Network: interacting with top analysts, helping to write concise reports and analysis on topics of their expertise, contributing to the theoretical knowledge base of Wikistrat , and integrating their work across a unique Web 2.0 platform. Work from home in your own time. All Wikistrat work is conducted online.

Internship Rewards
1. Gain practical experience in next generation analysis and strategic planning.
2. Learn alongside the world’s best analysts.
3. Access Wikistrat’s reports, simulations and other publications
4. Earn Wikistrat Points - points determine how highly an analyst is ranked in the community
based on their contributions and may result in potential prize earnings.
5. Promotion opportunities to become a Researcher, and later Contributing Analyst.

Duties and Responsibilities
Tasks will include writing analysis on given topics of interest and interlinking them with other relevant articles, as well as participating in ongoing geopolitical simulations. Interns will also write theory pages, source analysts, collect information and engage in skill building exercises.

• Be able to contribute at least 15 hours per week to Wikistrat
• Great communication skills - Enthusiastic and well spoken in English
• High level writing skills and analytical capabilities
• Experience in Political/Economic/Security research
• Preference to applicants with relevant degrees and proven working experience

Please Send:
1. Samples of strategic, broad level analysis of which you are most proud
2. A list of your areas of expertise in which you are confident in working as an analyst
3. An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Send Applications to: info@wikistrat.com

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