Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Brothers Mentor Program Opportunity

Big Brothers is a mentor program based out of DC and the DC area. They are looking for men over the age of 21 to mentor younger boys in the District and the surrounding area. There are over 300 boys on the list to be paired with a mentor. If you have time, it is not a major time commitment and would be a fulfilling experience. 

If you are interested contact Julia Rawlin at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why be a Mentor?

Thousands of young people have already signed up and are waiting for a caring adult to step into their lives.  Who better than someone like you?  Our youth need caring adults guiding them through their struggles with growing up while learning to make responsible choices.  Who better than a college student furthering their education to be a good role model for the young people trying to find their way to college.

What can the college community do?
Help meet goal of 500 male volunteer candidates who are willing to meet with the child at least twice a month for one year. If that happens research shows that the children's grades, behavior and attendance in school will all improve. Volunteer candidates still have to be screened before they become actual Big Brothers or Big Sisters.

What does a Big Brother Big Sister volunteer do?
Meet with child twice a month for one year. Activities can include library visits, means, or running errands.

Who is eligible to volunteer?
Volunteers are 21 years or older with a valid driver's license and car insurance. Interested adults fill out an application, have an interview, pass a background check, and are available for training with their designated Big Brother Big Sister match support person.

Who will run the program?
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area in partnership with your church will run the program. Your members will focus on mentoring their Littles, while Big Brothers Big Sisters provides training, problem solving, activities, reports, and other coordinating activities that will help make your program mutually beneficial for the children and your members.

What is the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters?
The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to help children grow up to be confident, competent, and caring young adults; contributing to brighter futures, better schools, and safer communities.

Why is Big Brothers Big Sisters involved?
Big Brothers Big Sisters has more than 100 years of experience providing children with the influence of positive adults. The organization recruits and train volunteers, identifies children, creates matches based on shared interests and backgrounds, and provides ongoing support and services to volunteers, caregivers and children, ensuring that the experience is rewarding and beneficial to all the match parties. When this happens, the benefits are long lasting and life changing!

Does mentoring really work and how will we know?
Big Brothers Big Sisters has an evaluation system to help caregivers and mentors see that the child is progressing. Research has shown that Big Brothers Big Sisters reduces first time drug usage by nearly 50 percent! Big Brothers Big Sisters is based on proven methods and the highest standards worthy of providing service to our children. 

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